Ecommerce Marketing Ideas for Startups

After our blog on Small Business Marketing Idea’s we have additional 8 points to get your ecommerce marketing ideas going.

There are three types of Ecommerce marketing teams

  1. Just started an eCommerce shop and are looking at generating traffic
  2. Have been in the business for some time and have been able to generate traffic, however, no business
  3. An established player and have been trying to keep your competitor off your back.

Well if you are a beginner then this blog is just for you.

Here is a list of 8 tips and ideas you can implement to see your eCommerce business take off the mark with flying colors.


#1 Get your Product Descriptions Correct

Ecommerce marketing ideas :ecommerce product description

The most important thing to get your customers to select an item is to have good meaningful descriptions and good images. One line descriptions on a product page just show how casual you are about selling. Product descriptions also help in Search engine discovery for your items and help in generating traffic

Also, try and get good images of your product from all angles. Good images help any buyer make that purchase decision.


#2 Invest in Doing Image SEO

Product images are what pulls users to your site. Invest in doing Image SEO

  1. Use title and image alt tags wisely and target search keywords
  2. Create an image sitemap and submit to Google Search Console


#3 Create Pinterest Specific Images

Ecommerce Marketing tips

Pinterest is a great way for great images discovery and will also help in traffic as well as SEO. Don’t be shy to pin those images with links. This could be a great eCommerce marketing idea for your business.


#4 Work on Content Marketing

Ecommerce marketing ideas : write good content

You Don’t need to spend tons of money on paid PPC campaigns like Google AdWords to generate the necessary buzz in the market. Working on Content Marketing could be more rewarding.

  1. Publish Blogs

Investing in good content is a great idea. Publish high-quality blogs. For example, if you run an online gift shop and are targeting the Christmas crowds this season look to publish multiple blogs around great gifting ideas for teens this Christmas etc. Look at Google Search Trends to discover great trends and keywords and ride on that. Inset your product links in the blogs and see your eCommerce business grow.


  1. Publish Content on Social Media

Reuse the content you publish on blogs and create image creatives and share them on Social media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. This will help you gain eyeballs and the traffic that your product deserves.


You need to get the right market traffic on your site to be able to sell. Target to get the requisite traffic to your site first.


Once you are getting the required number of visits on your eCommerce site then you need to put your conversion hat on the marketing front.

Here are a few stuff that you could do


#5 Ask your customers for reviews

Ecommerce marketing ideas : Ask for review

No one wants to do anything for free nor would your customers.

Well, reviews are super important and according to a study by i-Perceptions,  63% of customers are more likely to make a purchase from a site that has product reviews.

Encourage your shoppers to write reviews and how?

Implement an email campaign which sends out a personalized email to your customers around 5 days post delivery inquiring about how they are finding the product and if they could share their experience on the website so that it would help other shoppers. Probably hand them a discount coupon which they could use on their next purchase.

#6 Up Sell and Cross Sell

Don’t let those customers who have come to your site go away just because they did not like the product page they followed to get to your website. Use related products and display them prominently on your product pages.

Ecommerce marketing ideas : Up Sell And cross sell

You could Cross-sell with multiple related products once a user has purchased an item, probably hand out an on the spot discount.

Also, you can upsell with listing out a newer or better product to which a user has chosen.

#7 Use Re-marketing Ads

Ecommerce marketing ideas : Remarketing

If you have the budget then you must use re-marketing with Facebook Pixel and Google AdWords. Re-marketing ads help reach back with offers to customers who have visited your page. This keeps your ads very targeted to customers who might be interested in your product.

Use Google Analytics to track users of a particular page and then target them with ads and offers on that particular product.


#8 Smart Emails: Shopping Cart Abandonment and more

Ecommerce marketing ideas : Send smart emails

Re-marketing is not just limited to creating AdWords display ads, you can also use smart re-marketing tactics from CRMs like Hub-Spot etc to send highly customized emails to shoppers that have abandoned carts. If a customer is an existing customer and has logged in, you can send them customized emails with pictures of the items they were interested in and customize the emails with their name, city, and more. Using these highly targeted emailed could be very effective and help you get your eCommerce marketing mix correct.

On the other hand if you capture email addresses with a marketing automation software like Hub-Spot, you can target visitors who haven’t got an account.

Remember to:

  • Utility their information – name, place etc
  • Send emails early – within 24 hours of  cart abandonment
  • Persuade with social proof – Send them customer reviews, ratings, etc.
  • Send discounts – but not until the 2nd or 3rd email
  • Give options – related items, etc.



You can use the following simple eCommerce marketing idea’s to generate revenue from your eCommerce site

    • Get your Product Descriptions Correct
    • Invest in Doing Image SEO
    • Create Pinterest Specific Images
    • Work on Content Marketing
    • Ask your customers for reviews
    • Up Sell and Cross Sell
    • Use Re-marketing Ad
    • Smart Emails :Shopping Cart Abandonment and more

Here is a small Info-graphic on Ecommerce Marketing tips

Ecommerce Marketing tips