How to rank on Google: Get Online

 You might be running a great business, offering a kick-ass service or have a product that can help the masses attain nirvana but are you discover-able online? This is the Google, Facebook and What’sApp generation, people believe in online discover-ability, ratings and reviews. If you recommend me a product or service about which I have never heard, the first thing I will do is go online, search the product or service online and if I cannot find a trace about you, I have all the rights to be suspicious. Sounds like the situation you are in? You are in the correct place my friend, read on to find a solution.

People Search for a product or service

People search for Products

The masses might Search for your business by name but that will happen when you are a known big brand name. People like you and me are searching for a solution to their problem, like their tap is leaking and they will search for a “plumber near me”, or a lady is looking for that perfect black dress to wear to her college farewell this weekend will search for “Black dress shop near me [Location]”.

You need to be discover-able for the solutions and services you sell. You need not just be an online seller, you could have a local business or a shop.

Social is not built for Search

The general reaction of any small business owner who is convinced about the fact that their business needs to have online presence to gain more visibility is to run towards setting up a social channel first instead of a website. Remember social media like Facebook and What’sApp is not built for search. People Do not head over to Facebook when they need a product, they will either turn to a search engine like Google or turn to Maps.

To be searchable on Google or Bing you would need a website first.

The best place to hide dead body is the second page of Google search results – Unknown

Most of the people who are looking for a product or service find their solution on the first page of google search. It becomes very important to rank on the first page for your target product/ service or keywords. To rank on Google search you need to do SEO but first would need an online presence.

What do I need to get an online presence?

Get a website

Your journey to being discovered starts with having your online home, your business domain and a website. Please do not look at a free site option with a sub domain. Spend some money to get your own domain. Sub-domain websites do not get the advantage of SEO and hence are very difficult to rank.

Godaddy or Bigrock are great places to get cost effective domain and hosting that are reliable, quick to respond and secure.

 Get a Google Map Listing!

Get on Google Map

If you are a local business, you need to be discover-able on Google Maps. Have you ever noticed how the Google map listings show up on top when you search for anything on Google? Especially local business listings. These listings show up as part of local SEO.

What do you need to do to get on the Google Maps? Go and register your business on Google Mybusiness. This is a free listing and you will need to verify your listing which Google usually sends a post card to the address you provide on the listing. Please ensure that you add a few photos, provide correct business address and most importantly select the correct and most relevant category.

Create Social Listing Page

Social listing on all sites

Your businesses discovery needs to be aided with presence on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Having pages on these social networks will help you gather additional audience as well as help your website receive additional traffic which will help you in ranking better on Google and get a better SEO score.

Here is a cool info-graphic to summarise the above tips

get online google seo basics

This is the first of a three part blog. The next blog would be on How to rank on Google: SEO Basics

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