SEO Tricks

So you have been trying to do SEO( Search Engine Optimization) for a business which is in a highly competitive space? Well you could try these SEO tricks to land a first page rank on Google within 3 months.

Very often as an SEO manager or small business owner you might hit the wall trying to do SEO in a highly established, mature and competitive space. SEO in itself is not easy with multiple factors and constant algorithm updates.

However the following would never go out of fashion as these form the basis of the ever evolving algorithms.

Get Your ON Page correct first

 wrighting for human

  • Great well written content.

Well there is still no substitute for great content. Google search love’s great content, because people love to read great content

  • Write for Humans

Research for what search phrases users search for. Probably head over to Google adwords Keywords planner and look at search volumes. This will help you write content around what people search for.

  • Well Organized content

Great content has to be supported by great easy and fluid arrangement of content. Space out your content. Use headings, sub headings, small paragraphs and nice images. The more easy it is to go through your content, the more easily you will rank up.

PS: Look for user experience and ease.

  • Use Internal Links

Internal links and external links are a great way to help your users discover additional content or understand your content better. References help the user understand better which enhances the reading experience of the user.

  • Human Readable URL Structure

Human readable url : SEO Tricks

Get your URL structure to be easy to understand. A human readable structure sans .php/ .asp extensions and codes make people click on a link without suspicion. This helps in your SEO.

If you apply the above you will see lower bounce rates, high time spent on your site and more pages per session. If these metrics are improving then it means that you will have a better chance of ranking better.

How do you target link building

  • Steal your competitor’s links

Use Open Site Explorer to figure out how your competitor has earned their back links. If it has worked for them, it will work for you too. Do a detailed analysis and work on the link building.

  • Quora is your Dear Friend

    Quora is your friend: SEO Tricks

Do you want to have quick visibility and also see business flowing in? Target questions on Quora. This will help you get quality traffic in your target market.

  • Get reviews from your customers

Get your customers to write review for you on Google Maps. These reviews will definitely help you show up on map search and help in local SEO.

Try out the above SEO tips and you will definitely see your site rank for a couple of keywords on the first page of Google. However remember to publish great content frequently. SEO is a everyday job, you cannot hope to work on it once a week.